Cost Analysis

We analyse your business costs.

CostSmart believes that in business today, it is essential to get the most out of every idea, option and investment. To accomplish this, we use Cost Analysis to identify where we can create cost and time efficiencies across your supply chain. CostSmart will analyse your products, services and processes to achieve a benchmark in your market. We can then aim to ensure that best pricing and service conditions are achieved.

We provide a complimentary analysis and will continually monitor products and services to ensure that you are maintaining the best market results and quantifiable savings. CostSmart can analyse all products and services needed for your business operations, supply chain, expense reduction, cooperative group buying, market effectiveness, brand effectiveness and delivery analysis.

As part of our service, we provide analytical quarterly reviews with key deliverables:

  • Analyse existing procurement of products, services, agreements and processes to streamline and create efficiencies.
  • Maintain adequate stock requirements and ensure that stock is always available within the warehouse for ordering.
  • Assist with the implementation and integration of new supply agreements with manufacturers or importers of products.
  • Manage third-party suppliers to ensure on-time delivery in accordance with orders and deadlines.
  • Oversee the enforcement of key performance indicators and resolution of any supplier service issues.
  • Analyse and report on a regular basis on cost reductions, business improvement & usage/product trends.
  • Regularly check usage of items and services purchased to ensure that business units are compliant.
  • Use group volume expenditure to negotiate discounts, rebates or other benefits available in the market.
  • Rationalise existing products and vendor quantities to centralise and streamline product lines.
  • Monitoring of products and services under management to ensure you are obtaining the best market results.

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