Records Management, Business + Document Storage

Are you short on document storage space?

CostSmart offers streamlined document storage and records management for efficient processing and access for our customers. Internal company document storage creates expenses including office space, inventory and often staff to manage inventory. Businesses can outsource this storage to CostSmart to free up valuable space in their own premises and gain greater control over their inventory.

We provide a centralised warehouse that delivers a more efficient and economical way to store products and documents in a highly secure environment. With a focus on helping companies to streamline their processes and cut overheads, CostSmart provides records management and a physical archiving solution to keep your documents on-site with full flexibility and visibility to clients. In fact, any business product is able to be stored and managed.

CostSmart’s custom eStore solution allows customers to seamlessly access their own library of files. Customers can easily log into this service and get full visibility across their products, using a simple search function to source the files they need. Files can then also be organised and delivered the next day, so you and your clients can access relevant documents on request.

CostSmart also offers a scanning and digitising service to reduce your physical inventory holdings.

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