CostSmart Services

Marketing, Business and Procurement leaders need to not only contain costs to ensure budgets are met, but also minimise risk across the supply chain – this involves a lot of moving parts.

From supplier management, to ensuring quality, on-time delivery and inventory monitoring – it all has a direct impact to an organisations’ bottom line. That is where CostSmart comes in…

Specialist Sourcing + Procurement

If you need to find it, chances are, we can source it.

Not only that, we will also remove unnecessary links from the supply chain to maximise efficiencies, maintain quality all whilst decreasing costs.

Our team of Sourcing + Procurement specialists combined with a vast network of suppliers ensure we find the highest quality products within budget.

Our marketing and procurement teams work in collaboration with you to provide valuable insights and ensure your non-core products align with and amplify your brand.

Storage + Warehousing

A centralised warehouse is a crucial aspect of your supply chain.

CostSmart’s strategically placed, 21,000m³ warehouse on the Eastern Seaboard offers the most efficient and economical means to store your products for distribution.

Our custom ordering system, warehouse management technology, secure site and electronic visibility of your stock, ensures your inventory and logistics is in the best hands.

CostSmart offers a variety of storage and warehousing solutions, from document archiving, bulk warehousing under long-term contracts, event coordination & project management, installations and customised packaging and personalised delivery document options.


Brand + Product Management

You supply the idea, and we will manage the rest…

Whether you need print or branded merchandise for a campaign, an event or in-store promotion, we can manage the project from start to end.

We will look after everything from supplier sourcing, quotes, the handling of mail-outs, POS installations, online order fulfilments across multiple sites and campaign delivery.

Additionally, our managed services are teamed with a fully customisable eStore solution that will simplify and streamline your company’s ordering and purchasing processes.


Our C-Code Method

Are internal cost pressures restricting your purchasing power? In almost all cases, purchasing 1000 products, rather than 100, significantly reduces the unit cost. Sometimes it can provide more than a 70% saving.

However…often strict internal budgets mean that you may only be able to afford 100 units bi-monthly. That is where we can help you with our “C-Code” service.

CostSmart’s extensive product management services and purchasing power allows us to buy and store the 1000 units for you, and then make them available for you to draw upon and pay for as you need them.

Also, our warehousing and distribution services mean you don’t have to find a home for the inventory at your already crowded office. We can send them wherever you need, whenever you need.

Cost allocation to the cost centre who requires the product occurs after they have received the goods. Our C-Code service provides cost allocation accuracy, brand control and cost efficiencies.


Custom eStore

Our managed services are teamed with a customised eStore solution that will simplify and streamline your company’s ordering and purchasing.

Under your guidance, we create a dedicated branded responsive eStore that is unique to your company. The eStore’s functionality allows you to place orders online 24/7 from any device, presents your products with images, descriptions, current stock levels and provides a full order history.The system enables management to allocate unique logins to users using an email and password. Each product catalogue can be configured so each user can only view categories that relate to their part of the business.

In addition to our internal customised eStore solution, we offer an integrated eStore that allows you to sell directly to your customers. This solution can sit alongside your current website or be a standalone option depending upon your needs. We offer payment facilities including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Amex making this a suitable solution for all your customers.

We have the ability to supply you with a monthly stock on hand report, quarterly reconciled payments and scheduled reviews. Any other report you require we will work with you to make sure we provide what you need.

Fulfilment + Delivery

Sending collateral to thousands of individual recipients across the globe?

We can not only securely warehouse your products, we pick, kit, pack and distribute to locations across Australia and the globe.

This brings the advantage of consistent pricing and live inventory availability through a fully customised ordering system.

Whether it is a single consignment or a multi-sited delivery, investing in CostSmart’s quality 3-PL distribution solution will ensure the result achieved includes cost and service efficiencies.

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