Our C-Code Method

Are internal cost pressures restricting your purchasing power?

In almost all cases, purchasing x 1000 products, rather than x 100, significantly reduces the unit cost. Sometimes it can provide more than a 70% saving.

However…often strict internal budgets mean that you may only be able to afford 100 units bi-monthly. That is where we can help you with our “C-Code” service.

CostSmart’s extensive product management services and purchasing power allows us to buy and store the 1000 units for you, and then make them available for you to draw upon in your own customised eStore and pay for as you need them.

Also, our warehousing and distribution services mean you don’t have to find a home for the inventory at your already crowded office. We can send them wherever you need, whenever you need.

Cost allocation to the cost centre who requires the product occurs after they have received the goods. Our C-Code service provides cost allocation accuracy, brand control and cost efficiencies.

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