Print Management

Streamline and centralise your print projects.

CostSmart’s goal is to streamline the sourcing of your print material. We can assist in the sourcing, stocking and replenishment of regularly used print items. We have a complete range of printing and point of sale products for your campaign or project. We are an end-to-end production service that positions ourselves as an extension of your marketing and procurement team, working alongside you to produce a quality product, every time.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable account managers will be available to answer all questions and ensure that all print specifications are correct and relevant to the end goal. Our in-house graphic designer will help oversee the project and ensure that all brand guidelines and rules are followed to guarantee brand compliance across all productions.

CostSmart is an integrated product management service that is completely independent of suppliers, providing unbiased advice and flexibility. We have been operating for over 14 years, and in this time, we have aligned ourselves with reputable local and off-shore suppliers to provide you with a competitive price and a quality-controlled product. We understand each suppliers’ strengths and limitations and can gauge which supplier would be best suited for a specific job.

Whether you need print for a campaign, an event, merchandising or in-store promotion, CostSmart can manage the job from start to finish. We will look after anything from the handling of mail-outs, POS installations, online order fulfilments across multiple sites and campaign delivery.

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