Why Off-site Warehousing and Fulfilment is the Future

Inventory management can be a challenge for any size company. Many start-up companies have limited space but want to offer large product lines to their customers or staff. The challenge is the cost and work involved with managing your inventory in a warehouse. Today’s consumer also expects fast shipping at a low price.

It’s safe to say that major brands like CostSmart have changed the way product fulfilment succeeds in terms of streamlining warehousing, logistics and distribution. The speed at which CostSmart and many other organisations can turn around and deliver orders has created a consumer expectation that affects every commerce business. Off-site inventory management is the perfect solution to this problem.

Cost-Effective Warehousing

The speed at which CostSmart can turn around and deliver orders has created a consumer expectation that affects every commerce business. Off-site warehousing ensures your orders are promptly and efficiently packaged and delivered with a proven SKU processing system, reducing the chance of costly mistakes and consumer and staff dissatisfaction. Inventory can be carefully monitored and analysed according to the flow of demand.

Since inventory management is the specialty of our off-site warehousing solution, we are able to engage in bulk shipping, drastically reducing the shipping costs of products. We also cut costs through methods such as C-Code Methodology. These savings are passed on to your company and to your customers!

Inventory Management Experts

Off-site warehousing provides a reliable level of control over the flow of your inventory in and out of our business, ensuring stock is managed at minimal cost. CostSmart is a reputable warehouse and distribution partner and is well equipped to handle stock, maintenance and distribution of your items because we can leverage our existing logistical pipeline to ensure your products get where they need to go.

Whether you are gathering supplies from third party vendors or storing your own excess products, utilising our off-site warehousing solution keeps everything organised and flowing correctly through the supply chain.

Focus on Other Areas of Business

Adding a warehouse to your operations is like taking on an entire second location, with all the upkeep, cost and administrative burdens that entails. By managing your inventory off site, your company won’t have to deal with all the work and expenses involved with warehousing. This frees up your time, resources and efforts to focus on core aspects of your business, such as growing your brand and attracting new customers.

Off-Site Warehousing by CostSmart

CostSmart provides off-site warehousing, procurement and distribution services for businesses, allowing them to save time and cut costs through smart supply chain management. At our premises, all physical product archiving is stored on site. CostSmart will seamlessly store and manage your inventory or products and can provide full visibility over your inventory.

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