The Importance of Branded Products for Your Business

Finding effective and creative ways to grow your brand awareness is essential for building your business and attracting new customers. In this digital age, many businesses understandably focus on digital marketing and social media. However, it’s important you don’t disregard the value of more traditional marketing techniques, such as the use of branded products.

Building Brand Awareness

Branded products are great for building brand awareness. They help get your company and its logo in front of as many eyes as possible. Having your logo on tangible items that are regularly used in public is an excellent way to increase visibility. Whereas other advertising promotions cost a lot of money to run and for a short amount of time, branded items are an easy way to get your brand in front of people’s eyes on a regular basis.

Depending on the type of business, some branded products you could use include reusable shopping bags, clothing, pens, mouse pads, note pads, water bottles or a calendar. The best approach is to opt for items that have an everyday use so that people will carry them around in public.

Big Reach, Low Cost

Even on a tight budget, your company can find great items that you can add your logo or name to and have an impact on your marketing and brand visibility. You can quickly and easily give them away to existing and potential customers. Branded products are a great investment for any business, and offer fantastic value for money.

You can be incredibly creative with your branded products through unique designs, which will allow you to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Branded products are also more tangible to customers than ads on radio, TV, social media, search engines and billboards, which can quickly escape from people’s minds.

Build Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is built over time, but branded products can quickly give you a big boost. One study by BPMA found that 73% of participants who had received a free branded gift from a business had then purchased from that company. The reason is simple – everyone loves a freebie.

It’s a well documented phenomenon that people experience happiness and pleasure when they receive an unexpected gift. These positive emotions they experience will then become associated with your business and brand. Promotional products help people remember your company and in turn, encourage them to purchase your products and services.

Procurement and Branding Services by CostSmart

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