Struggling for storage space? How external bulk-archiving can help you efficiently manage inventory

Businesses of all sizes need to manage growing archives, due to the storage of important documents either by choice or by law. It’s easy for archive rooms to become full or disorganised, which compromises a company’s ability to streamline processes and efficiently produce the information they’re looking for – when they need it.

The same goes for products, with many mid-level corporate companies struggling to manage their inventory often due to a lack of on-premises storage space. To help overcome these common issues, CostSmart offers streamlined archiving and product management for efficient processing and access for our clients.


Internal archiving incurs expenses including office space, inventory, heating and often staff to manage inventory. Businesses can outsource this storage to CostSmart to free up valuable space in their own premises and gain greater control over their inventory, with efficient access to important documents for speed and value they can pass onto their customers.

We provide a centralised warehouse that delivers a more efficient and economical way to store products and documents. With a focus on helping companies to streamline their processes and cut overheads, CostSmart provides a physical archiving solution to keep your products on-site with full flexibility and visibility to clients.


Digitising product management enables you to get instant access to data, even when documents aren’t physically stored on your site. This saves on costs associated with physical storage, as well as eliminates the risks associated with theft or damage.

CostSmart offers an E-Store service so clients can seamlessly access their own library of files. Customers can easily log into this service and get full visibility across their products, using a simple search function to source the files they need. Files can then also be organised to be delivered the next day, so you and your customers can access relevant documents on request.

We provide a customised ordering system that keeps track of products in your E-Store, with tailored reports and a convenient centralisation of your products. When products are added to your E-Store, CostSmart creates barcodes for each item, providing full tracking and visibility to enable easier management of your items.


Through switching to external physical storage space for your products, and a fully customised, digitalised E-Store solution, businesses across Australia can save money and streamline their processes when it comes to managing documents and products.

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