Promotional Gift Packs Case Study – Branded Products & Specialised Sourcing

The Client

Our client is an agricultural company that seeks to improve global food security by providing farmers with the tools to better manage their crops and farm practices. They specialise in biotechnology and deliver integrated agricultural products including leading seed varieties, seed care, crop protection products, and expert agronomic advice and other technologies. Our client is a leading company in the Australian agricultural industry and is committed to supporting our Aussie farmers.

The Challenge

We were asked by our client to arrange some promotional gift packs to be sent out to their resellers. These were to be used within the reseller’s stores as product advertisement or to be forwarded onto consumers as gifts. Within the promotional giftpacks were an oilskin vest, a variety of Dirty Dog Sunglasses and trucker caps branded with our client’s different product names. The challenges faced were the cost-effective procurement and sourcing of products and arranging the delivery of the promotional gift packs on our client’s behalf.

The Solution

CostSmart coordinated the procurement and sourcing of all of the items, and not only this but also arranged the gift boxes which were branded with a customised sticker and made to look professional and appealing before distributing to the different resellers.

The Outcome

Substantial cost savings were achieved due to direct procurement from manufacturing sources. We were able to save our client time, effort and money through end-to-end coordination of this process. CostSmart always tries to go above and beyond. In this instance, not only did we source and procure the required products most cost-effectively but we also personally and professionally arranged the promotional gift packs with the necessary branding ready for distribution to their resellers on their behalf.