Our new and improved warehouse!

In June 2018 CostSmart received the keys to our very own warehouse in Wyong, Australia!
CostSmart has grown at a steady rate of over 30% annually for the past five years, and more than 50% in the last financial year. CostSmart made the decision to move away from our warehouse lease. Instead we have invested in our very own business infrastructure, premises, plant and equipment to support the business’s rapid development.


Between June-October 2018, the CostSmart team and our builders were hard at work transforming the old warehouse into CostSmart’s forever home. The new and improved CostSmart warehouse is a whopping 2000m2, almost 2.5 times bigger than our previous warehouse! Our new high clearance warehouse has a roof line 12 meters above the floor level. The extra space will give us room to stock all our client’s products in the one central location and provides us with the room to grow in the future.


In only four short months our fantastic team and builders had the new site ready for us to move in. Our CostSmart team are now enjoying an industrial inspired modern 3-story office building, new bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. Despite our staff moving into the facilities last October, the building is an ongoing project. Soon to be built is a staff breakout area featuring lounges and table tennis, an on-site vegetable garden and client waiting area. There is also the opportunity for CostSmart to extend the current building out on the 10000m2+ block!

The purchase of the warehouse has been an exciting time for CostSmart and an incredible milestone for the company. We would like to thank our dedicated CostSmart team who worked tirelessly to assist in the move. Also a big thanks to our clients for your continued support and patience during this time of transition.