How Covid-19 Has Changed the Offices of the Future

The pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working. Organisations across a range of industries have been forced to reimagine their work and the role of offices in creating safe, productive, and enjoyable jobs for employees. However, the large-scale work-from-home experiment has inspired other ways to reimagine how offices and business spaces can function in ways that benefit the efficiency of the entire operation.

Redesigning Workplaces to Support Priorities

We all have ideas of what a typical office looks and feels like. What comes to mind for most is a mixture of private offices and cubicles, with meeting rooms, pantries, and shared amenities. Few offices have been intentionally designed to support specific business priorities. After a year or more of employees working from home, organisations can now reimagine what kind of spaces they actually need.
If the primary purpose of your business office space is to accommodate specific moments of collaboration rather than individual work, for example, maybe 80 percent of the office should be devoted to collaboration rooms. Perhaps employees who rarely have to collaborate or attend group meetings can work from home.

Reimagining How Space is Used

These changes may not only improve how work is done but also lead to savings and operational efficiencies. Rent, capital costs, facilities operations, maintenance, and management make real estate the largest cost category outside of payroll for most organisations.
Businesses can transform how their workplaces function with a portfolio of space solutions, ranging from owned space, standard leases, flexible leases and co-working spaces to remote work and a suite of off-site business solutions for warehousing, storage, procurement, archiving and more.

Consider Which Spaces and Services to Outsource

Businesses should consider how they can remove unnecessary spaces and other links from the supply chain to maximise efficiencies, maintain quality and decrease costs. For example, off-site warehousing can simplify stock management and streamline the delivery of products. Sourcing and procurement specialists can utilise a vast network of suppliers to find quality non-core products for your brand.

Off-Site Warehousing by CostSmart

CostSmart provides off-site warehousing, procurement and distribution services for businesses, allowing them to save time and cut costs through smart supply chain management. We source, store, manage, and deliver all of your core or non core products. These can include merchandise, uniforms and workwear, equipment, promotional materials, marketing print collateral, office furniture, archives, records, packaging…anything for your business.
At our premises, all physical product archiving is stored on site. CostSmart will seamlessly store and manage your inventory or products and can provide full visibility over your inventory.Find out more about how we can help or get in touch today.