Business Cards Case Study – Print Management & eStore Solution

The Client

Our client is a fast-growing Property Management business who manages one of the largest strata scheme portfolios in Australia. Our client came to us requiring Business Cards for the many different companies and group subsidiaries under their umbrella. The company has over 700 staff and 30 branch offices across 11,000 strata schemes which include residential, commercial, resorts, and mixed-use properties.

The Challenge

Many mergers and acquisitions of partners saw the need for the company to maintain their branding and market presence under the single administration umbrella. The businesses needed a consistent and cost-effective Print Management and eStore Solution that the different companies could edit and change print requirements with variable text, while also providing structure, security and compliance to brand guidelines. Consequently, CostSmart was asked to provide Print Management and create a Customised eStore Solution that sixteen individual businesses or group subsidiaries could access.

The Solution

CostSmart was able to provide services to our client in the scope of Print Management and a Customised eStore Solution. With 14 years in the industry, CostSmart was able to work with reputable local and off-shore suppliers to provide our client with a competitive price on business cards and ensure a quality-controlled product is produced, every time. The editable products module, as part of our Customised eStore Solution, enabled our client to edit an existing product online before ordering. With guidance from our client, our Graphic Design Team created a background PDF file which provides the size and format of the business cards. This file included the company’s logos and data that cannot be edited. Editable fields were then added in the eStore on top of the background file in which employees can add their name, number, address and so on. Once the order is placed the eStore Solution sends a print-ready PDF file with the proofer to be approved before the order is placed with CostSmart.

The Outcome

CostSmart was able to provide a collection of thirty-three different editable business card templates and online proofing capabilities for managers. The online editable artwork creation makes the entire processes simple, fast and secure and the age-old headache of ordering print products such as business cards for staff colleagues became hassle-free.