Bulk archiving case study – warehousing and logistics


It is evident in any sized business that important documents are generated continuously and require storage either by choice or due to legislation. Often storing in-house can quickly become disorganised, inefficient with documents being misplaced or lost. This can compromise the business in a variety of ways. Hence, it’s essential that clients have fast access to records and a trusted, well secured and organised bulk archiving provider. Also, some clients have documents stored at multiple sites and do not have the time to allocate coordination efforts to consolidate documents into one location. We found this challenge arising in numerous mid-level corporate clients. From this, CostSmart has been able to produce a streamlined document management and archiving service as a solution.


CostSmart has been providing document management and bulk archiving services for mid-level corporate businesses for the past seven years. Our client required the consolidation of 10,000 boxes of documents stored throughout five separate locations. In response, CostSmart organised labour, IT and freight services to coordinate the relocation and consolidation of their stored materials. The organisation of these logistics occurred without any disruption to the client’s business in an “after-hours” time-slot. Now, our client has bulk archived all of their documents in a single location, allowing for efficient processing and access.


This project resulted in numerous benefits for our client. Most importantly, significant cost savings were achieved by streamlining their document archiving services with one provider. CostSmart was able to provide annual cost savings exceeding $150,000 when existing tenancy costs were factored in. To increase efficiencies for our client, we also created an online management and processing tool for collection and retrieval of stored documents. Overall, our client has more effectively organised their archiving by using CostSmart. Additionally, CostSmart provides online reporting, same-day delivery/retrieval of any archived material and secure storage within our warehouse facility.