We have developed a unique service offering for our clients called the “C-Code Methodology” to ensure costs are at a minimum and products are readily available for when you need them. We act as an extension of your company and carry out bulk purchasing on your behalf. This obtain economies of scale for product purchases irrelevant of the quantities you need at the time. If internal budgets are restricting purchasing power, we will make the bulk purchase on your behalf, store your products and distribute them to you as needed (in the specific amounts required) and invoice ONLY for the quantities sent out at the time.

The Challenge
We have noticed our client’s internal budget constraints can significantly affect purchasing power, resulting in increased costs. Simple economies of scale result in lower per-unit cost due to a larger quantity of items purchased. For example, you may need 10 items for an upcoming event, however your internal budget does not allow you to purchase 100 items this quarter to receive the 10 items at a lower price. You may need 100 items over the year, but you urgently need 10 now. The more you buy, the cheaper the item price – simple.

The Solution
Our C-Code offering is a solution-based methodology specifically designed to enhance our client’s efficiencies and reduce their costs. To assist our clients, we offer bulk purchasing of items they would like on hand and store them within our storage facilities. When a certain number of items are required, they will be distributed immediately to the client and invoiced only for the amount that they order each time. We house the products indefinitely as “C-Code” until the client requires them again in the future. You can draw from your stock when and as you need it.

The Outcome
Through bulk purchasing, we can acquire products significantly cheaper. This then allows you to have your stock stored and distributed when you require it. Ultimately, this results in lower per-unit cost and immediate access to inventory, without affecting your internal budget. Having your products already stored within our facilities dramatically reduces distribution time. Therefore, allowing you to receive your items as quickly as possible for other events. This service is an excellent tool for businesses and can help you successfully manage internal cash flows.


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